Metamorphosis of Topical Vehicles

Christian Surber, Ph.D., is Professor of Dermatopharmacology and Hospital Pharmacy at the University of Basel and visiting Professor at the Departments of Dermatology in Basel and Zürich, Switzerland.

Pr Christian Surber

His research interest and expertise are :

  1. the in vivo assessment and optimization of drug delivery from topical formulations,
  2. topical delivery vehicle design,
  3. topical bioavailability /bioequivalence testing,
  4. topical pharmacotherapy of barrier function impairment (dry skin, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis) and solar damage (skin cancer),
  5. development of sun protective means,
  6. and patient and consumer adherence to topical pharmacotherapy and to topical protection and care products. 

He has numerous publications, patents, conference presentations and reference texts covering various aspects of dermal drug delivery, topical bioavailability /bioequivalence and topical pharmacotherapy of barrier function impairment and solar damage.  He supervises doctoral students and teaches as a lecturer in Dermatology and Pharmacy at the University of Basel and Zürich.

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