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Join us in Geneva or online to meet experts on 06 April 2021.

Virtual Live
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Realising the new guideline on EMA Quality and Equivalence of Topical Products will be enacted soon and such guideline will have both immediate as well as long term consequences on the industry, we decided to organise this special workshop by bringing together a panel of four international experts, who will share their research and practical experiences on the challenges and potential benefits of this new guideline and the challenge brought by nanotechnology. Product experts and professionals will demonstrate their equipment.

Live Hybrid Event

The event is also available in hybrid. It will be online via the Workcast platform.

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The panel of experts will help those attending the workshop the needs to know what new concepts, new process, new ways to achieve their intended results. 

One day, one event and a lot of information brought by experts and professionals, we must come together to make work flows.

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What are the differences between the 2 registration fees ?

With Virtual Event Live, you can follow the conference live online for only CHF 275. Access Full Event – 375 CHF, on the other hand, will allow you to attend the conference in person. No matter what you choose, you will always have access to Live Event Recording. 

What is the purpose of the Digital Certificate attendance ?

You will be issued with proof that you attended the event. 

How can I follow the event online ?

Register and tune live on 6 April 2021 or have access to the live recording later if you cannot tune live.

Who are the speakers ?

6 experts will speak at the conference : Prof. YOGESHVAR KALIA, Prof. RICHARD GUY, Dr. VINOD SHAH, Prof. STEFAN MUHLEBACH, Dr. MARIA LAPTEVA and Pr. CHRISTIAN SURBER

For more information on these experts, please click here !

What is live event recording ?

The live event will be recorded. If you cannot attend on the 6 April 2021 register fort the virtual event. If you want to have access to the speaker’s presentations,  register for the full package.

Why is registration very important ?

Our aim is for you to benefit from the advice of our expert partners in order to speed up your project. But to access all this advice, you must first register. In addition, we provide you with 2 choices of pack. Choose at your best convenience!